How (not) To Be French

Remember to pack the essentials!

I wish I had stumbled upon this image before I left for France as it would have saved me the stress of packing! Think of all the room I would have had in my luggage for souvenirs and gifts! 😉 If I had only known that French fashion consisted solely of striped shirts, black berets and red scarves

Honestly, I think I can count the number of people I’ve seen wearing berets on one hand – and I’ve lived in France for a combined total of 8 months! (Where are all of the beret-wearing people hiding?!) And I’ve never seen anyone wear all three items at once! So much for that French stereotype! While on that topic, I feel the overwhelming need to clear the air and inform the rest of the world that most French stereotypes (just like any) are absolutely false and ridiculous! Yes, the French shower! – Yes, the women shave! – No, they’re not all rude! Yes, they love their wine, baguettes and croissants, but who doesn’t?!

Last week, one of the English Teachers I am working with showed the following video to her class as a prelude to an assignment. The video (created and narrated by a Frenchman, fyi) creatively demonstrates how France is seen from abroad. It earned itself a few chuckles and “huh?s” from the students. I now invite you to watch the video in the hopes that you learn how (not) to be French. 😛


p.s. A YouTube video search for “Canadian Stereotypes” resulted in nothing… guess I’ll just have to make one aboot my home and native land, eh? Where to begin… maple syrup or igloos? 😉

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